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Dylan and Rylie Beta2

Heart String Art Kit for Kids

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  • Easy-to-Follow Craft: Make a glowing 3D String Art Heart Lantern by following these simple steps! First, inflate the heart balloon, soak the string in the glue, wrap it around the heart, let it dry, remove the balloon, and enjoy your new decoration!
  • Fun for All Ages: This 3D String Art project is perfect for families with children of all ages! Children will love the opportunity to be creative and use their imaginations, and the finished product will be an exciting reward.
  • Supplies Included in Each String Art Kit: 2 mylar heart balloons, 1 string of multi-colored LED with battery case and holder (Batteries are not included), multicolor and glow-in-the-dark string, 1 metallic hanging cord, craft glue, gloves, and twist ties.
  • Makes a Great Gift for Kids: The 3D string craft kits make for excellent crafts for girls ages 10-12. It includes everything they need to make a beautiful and intricate 3D string art lantern.
  • Fun and Handmade Home Decor: The string art lantern casts a warm, inviting glow in any room. It's the perfect night light for a child's room, or a playful addition to any space. Handcrafted with love, each lantern is unique and special.