Hand Casting Kit




Great anniversary...

I bought this for my mother and father in law's anniversary. It was a cute activity they did and it came out great. The directions were easy to understand and was fun to do. It took about 2 days from start to finish. It says you have to completely allow to dry to avoid mold. They decided to leave their jewelry on to show their wedding bands and there was no damage and it was easy to clean. Think I will buy this again for my anniversary.

- Gail, Amazon

Fun Experience!

This was a very fun experience! The kit was easy to use and came with almost everything you need. We live in Florida and we left ours outside to set, which may have not been the best idea. It seems a little wet, so we have it inside to complete drying. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. Just take your time and follow the instructions. I’m excited try another and have my kids make one too!

- Mama E, Amazon


We ordered this to try something “different” than the typical art project. It did not disappoint! This kept the attention of my 2 and 4 year old for the duration and they were in awe by the outcome! It comes with clearly explained instructions, including a QR code that takes you to a video.

- Abby, Amazon

Amazing Tribute

We did this hand cast for my parents 54th wedding anniversary on November 4th. Little did we know that only 2 weeks later my father would pass away. This hand cast is the best keepsake that I could ever have asked for. My mother cherishes it as it shows every detail of their hands holding each others hand with love. I recommend that everyone should do this sooner rather than later :(

- Leslie, Amazon

Great Kit

I was hesitant to try a new to me brand for hand/foot molds, but was so pleasantly surprised by this kit. It included everything and then some to make a great hand mold. The instructions were excellent. Definitely will use this brand again when the need arises.

- Kristen T, Amazon

Interactive and fun!

Bought this for a nice gift for visiting relatives with small kids. The girls had a blast creating a special gift for their mom. Best part was they got to personalize their hands in different colors. Something to always remember this trip with.

- Daniel, Amazon

Hand casting kit

I was excited to receive this hand casting kit in the mail. I wanted to use this for my toddler but unfortunately he would not stay still for at least 10 minutes until the molding hardened lol But overall, easy step by step to follow and I love how it comes with everything to need in order to get it done. Would recommend it.

- Becca, Amazon

Great product!

We used this to make a cast of our 8 month olds little foot. We are amazed by how cool it turned out! The kit comes with everything you need & the step by step instructions are clear. You have to be patient but the results are so worth it. Especially because now we’ll have a cast of his little foot to remind us of how little he once was 🥺

- Kyle Johnson, Amazon