Brand Partners Posting Guidelines

Talking Points:

1. The perfect gift for the person who has everything
2. Includes a sample kit, so you can try it out before creating the final casting
3. Includes a paint kit to decorate your molding

Caption Guidelines:

✔ Must tag our account @dylan_and_rylie
✔ Must include relevant hashtags like #crafts #diy #momsoftiktok etc
✔ Caption should not include #ad or #sponsored, instead use hashtags like #dylanandryliepartner

Post Instructions:

✔ Posts must be permanent (no archiving or deleting)

Other guidelines:

✔ Respond to comments to help boost video in algorithm

Viral Essentials

This formula has been proven over and over again. We recommend you follow the guideline below to help YOU make more money with commissions!

Video Structure:

The hook: (The first 0-5 seconds) Nothing matters more than the first 5 seconds of your video.

The Value: If one second of your video doesn’t add value, take it out. Be ruthless and cut anything that doesn’t push toward the payoff.

The Payoff: (The last 5 seconds) This is the answer to the hook. Examples could be a reaction, final product, result of a challenge, punchline to a joke.

Hook Ideas:

✔ I just found the perfect product that _____

✔ Let’s see if (person) can do ___

✔ This product has over 3000 reviews.. Let's see if it’s worth it

✔ I tried the top (niche) products so you don’t have to.

✔ How to impress (person) at the next (event).

✔ If you’re having trouble doing (xx) you might want to listen up

✔ I can’t believe this only cost me $27.

✔ You won’t believe this thing called a hand casting kit

✔ This is the best $20 you can spend as a (niche)

Video Posting Checklist

  • Strategic

    ✔ Posting Time - Did I check my insights to confirm this is a good time to post for my audience?

    ✔ Niche - Does this video I am about to upload align with what my followers would be interested in?

    ✔ Hook - Does my video start with a strong hook in the first 3-5 seconds?

  • Visual

    ✔ Video Quality - Did I upload the highest quality version of my video?

    ✔ Text Blocks - Do I need to add a hook ”text block” at the beginning of my video?

    ✔ Audio Captions - Does it make sense to add ”in app” audio cations to my video?

    ✔ Caption proofing - Did I spell check all captions?

    ✔ Call to Action - Did I include a call to action or link to help drive viewers to the product listing?

  • Music/ Audio

    ✔ Is my audio clear?

    ✔ Music Selection- Did I include background music? Find trending audio to include.

  • Video Caption

    ✔ Hook - Did I include a strong hook in my caption?
    ✔ Keywords - Did I add any keywords to my caption that are relative?

  • Thumbnail

    ✔ Customize - Did I choose a frame from the video to be the thumbnail that will live on my feed?

    ✔ Text Block - Do I want to include a text block to overlay to my thumbnail so viewers can better search my content?

  • Engagement

    ✔ Comments – Did I respond to any comments that were posted on my video? Bonus: Include keywords in your answers to boost SEO

    ✔ Direct Messages - Did I answer all DMs related to this piece of content?

    ✔ Cross Posting - Did I share this content on mhy other social media channels to increase engagement?

    ✔ Tagging - Did I tag or share this content with anyone in my network who might enjoy watching it?

    ✔ 10 minutes of intentional engagement - Take 10 minutes to engage on content that is similar to what you just posted

*Note: Your video may be reposted on our socials!