Our Story

The Real Dylan and Rylie

Dylan and Rylie are just two, normal every day kids, with a big dream. They grew up in the outdoors, playing around, having fun and always made the most of their days. But they weren’t finding products that kept them engaged.

The daughters of an entrepreneur, Dylan and Rylie knew that they didn't have to sit around and wait for someone else to make their ideas come to life, they could do it themselves. Tired of screen time and looking for more hands-on adventure, they put together plans for a Zip-line kit and Hand casting kit for kids.

With the help of their father, they were able to bring these products to life and sell them on Amazon. Now, the Dylan and Rylie Zip-line kit and Hand Casting Kits are top sellers and they expanding into kits for the whole family. This year the brand is growing quickly to include a whole new line of creative products with a focus on STEM.